Purpose: How to navigate by your own truth.

Lighthouses is the place to store what gives us sustenance—the people, places and things. This is where we gather the ah-ha moments, our most important truths, what most nurtures us. It could be a phrase, a poem, or important words of encouragement.  Here we list the people who have influenced us, those whom, when we look at their name or image, we are comforted. By putting them in one place, you’ll know where they are when you need them.

Inspiration: Lighthouses

What are the Ten Commandments?
The Four Noble Truths?
The Eight Beatitudes?
The Five Pillars of Islam?
Hamlet or The Divine Comedy?


Great truths and transformations
that serve as lighthouses
when life gets foggy
and we get lost.


And the most important
lighthouses of all—
are you own

The hard-earned truths
about what kills you and keeps you alive.,
Cherish these lighthouses—they will always lead you home.

Joe Zarantonello



This is your scrapbook for everything that gives you energy and encouragement.  List your favorite people, the sayings that have sustained you. Images. Make a collage. Have fun with it. Allow it to grow-large. You may, like me, have a stash of poems that needed to find a repository. This is where they find a home.





The Jewel Tree.  A Tibetan Buddhist meditation.